THIS ASTONISHING picture of a worker balancing on tiles landed a roofing firm with a £10,000 fine.
The prosecution was brought by the Health and Safety Executive following a routine inspection.
The companywas found guilty of breaching safety regulations relating to working at height.
The firm was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £7,269.
HSE Inspector John Ellis said:"It's incredible that workers were expected to power wash a roof while standing on it, without any scaffolding or edge protection to stop them falling.
"Working on a roof without safety precautions is dangerous enough, but the risk of falling was increased by the fact that moss and other detritus were being washed off the roof.
"One slip and the worker would have fallen to the ground, resulting in him being seriously injured or killed.
UK. Roofing firms should therefore ensure they have safe systems of work in place to protect their employees and others."