Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Gaco Roof Coating available NOW

Press Release                           
For Immediate Release   Sep 2012

Costly Flat Roof Problems Solved At Last

Deepcut Surrey based roofing supply and contractor company Tradecall Roofing Supplies has been appointed Surrey area distributor & approved applicator for high tech Gaco roof coating for flat & low pitched roofs, Finlock guttering etc.

Known as Gaco, a 100% Silicone Roof Coating, the bonds tightly, is applied by roller to form a completely seamless, waterproof membrane & is now available to home owners in Surrey and surrounding areas.

Company Managing Director, Dave Doolan, said “Gaco is ideal for our wet UK climate. It has been developed by 55 year old Gaco Western Corp in rainy Seattle USA several years ago to cater for the on-going global problem of leaking flat roofs. Being contractors since 1973 we’ve seen many roofing products come and go but this is one of the best we’ve come across so far”

Gaco is unique in that being 100% silicone, it is guaranteed to be impenetrable by water, even under permanently ponding water on a flat roof.

Because it remains flexible, it is ideal for a wide range of temperatures anywhere between -50c up to +50c without degradation & comes with a 50 year limited factory guarantee. Gaco can be applied to most clean dry, weathered roofs in temperatures ranging from  0c up to 50c.

The coating, suitable for most flat or low pitch roof surfaces including felt, asphalt, concrete, Finlock concrete guttering, steel, asbestos & plywood is applied as a two-coat process and is available in two shades, grey and white.

The grey is normally applied first with the white applied as the finish coat. This two-coat /colour process ensures that the right thickness of coating is applied.

According to Mr Doolan, a huge advantage of this product is that the white finish, unlike regular reflective roof paint which lasts a year or two, is a one - time only lifetime application, that reflects away over 80 per cent of UV light and the sun’s heat from the roof surface. This means that even on a hot day, roof surfaces etc coated with white Gaco will remain cool to the touch!

Although a rare event… when the sun does shine, it causes the roof to expand loosening joints, seams etc. a problem compounded when frost comes along because trapped moisture forces additional stresses on those joints, seams etc. These expansion / contraction movements are the main reason we get problems on flat roof and when those stresses / movement are prevented by Gaco’s reflective properties, that damage is completely prevented.

Doolan added, “The reflection of heat away from the roof also makes the building underneath more comfortable in warmer weather, thereby avoiding need for cooling fans or other air conditioning”.

Another benefit claimed is because the coating material is made from silicone it resists the accumulation of dirt and growth of mosses, meaning roof stays clean for longer.

“Depending on your skill levels of skills & following safe working practices” Mr Doolan added “it can be self-applied, or our trained, fully insured operatives can apply it for you.”

“Gaco is available in two colours, grey & reflective white, & the material, which requires two coats on flat roofs costing around £25 per square meter applied or £13 per square meter self-applied making it a highly cost effective alternative to other traditional methods” says Doolan. Finlock guttering can be fully refurbished with Gaco for £55 per linear meter.
For more information about Gaco 100% Silicone Roof Coating or other roofing services please contact Tradecall Roofing Supplies in Deepcut on 0845 555 8801 or dave@the-roofer.co.uk


Check out the new product available from Tradecall Roofing




Shaun slates his phone over

Roofer slates over his mobile

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Moss Removal

Are you Worried about Moss on your Roof?
by NFRC | Sep 07, 2012
The National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) Ltd, the UK’s oldest roofing trade association, has been receiving an unprecedented number of calls from members of the public, who have been approached about moss removal, which is usually followed up with the tiles being painted in order, so it is claimed, to prolong the life of the roof.
While NFRC is a dedicated roofing trade association that has been around for over 120 years we have never recognised the practice of moss removal or roof painting as a true roofing discipline. The reason being, in most instances, moss on roof tiles is rarely a problem and only needs to be removed if it is blocking gutters, outlets and other drainage points on the roof. Most ‘techniques’ that we have come across to remove moss, are often achieved by ‘violent’ means such as power-washing, which may cause damage to the roof, especially when combined with unnecessary foot traffic often leading to cracked or broken roof tiles.
The removal of the moss is often followed up by painting the roof tiles. There are claims that this can increase the thermal efficiency of roofs as well as extending the life of the roof tiles, but unless the products carry credible UK based, third party accreditation we would urge members of the public to view any claims with extreme caution.
Our advice, therefore, to property owners who are concerned about the condition of their roof is to contact a reputable roofing contractor for a proper assessment and, if necessary, to obtain at least three quotes for any works, using conventional roofing methods.

Tradecall Roofing are approved contractors to MossGo a very simple moss removal system which will not in any way damage your roof .
The Mossgo Roof Treatment System is non-aggressive in nature. It comprises of the chemical and the equipment needed to deliver it effectively and safely onto the roof.
It has been developed and adapted to suit weather conditions prevailing in the British Isles and Ireland.
The active ingredient of MossGo Pro is a quaternary ammonium. It does not affect any known material used in construction. It has a rapid breakdown rate after use, leaving residues absorbed by bacteria.
MossGo Pro is a spray once product. It leaves no smear. The layer hosting microbes, algae and its symbiotic partners – in moss and lichen – dies within a few hours.


SBS Mineral & Underlay Felts Available

SBS Mineral & SBS Underlay available Camberley

£37.00 per roll


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Professional Roofers In Camberley

Have just been to look at a flat roof recently been laid by a "professional roofer" has a nice website
He is charging well below rates I can match so presumably getting plenty of local work.

How do they get away with it.

I priced against this so called "experienced roofer" and lost the job I have been asked if I will patch it up, unfortunately it has been installed so badly it needs completely replacing and he has been paid in full and will not return to put things right.

It only has two layers instead of three and the finishing is a joke.

When will people realise that you get what you pay for if someone is hundreds of pounds cheaper than the nearest quote corners are going to be cut.

If You want a genuine fixed price quote quality workmanship by a ROOFER who has been living and working in the area since 1973 call Dave on 07976717533
Probably not the cheapest around but then I would not leave a job in this condition and run
Think I will add a page rouges gallery as I see this sort of thing week in week out

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tradecall Roofing

Apparently the next big thing in advertising Why!

Why Are So Many Roofers Ignoring This

When do I need to upgrade the insulation on a refurbishment?

Roofing contractors are required to upgrade insulation in the following cases:

1. When there is a new construction to form an extension, or when adding a conservatory over 30m2

2. If there is a material change of use – for example, if you are converting a non-dwelling to a dwelling

3. When more than 25% of an existing thermal element is being renovated.

For example, it is now necessary to upgrade the thermal performance of a pitched roof at rafter level to 0.2W/m2K, and, while the membrane is being replaced on an existing flat roof, to ensure that the roof meets a minimum U-value of 0.25W/m2K.

Contractors can look to Part L of the Building Regulations for detailed guidance and Parts L1B and L2B. These can be downloaded free from the website, the Planning Portal, the government’s online planning and building regulation resource. I would also recommend liaising with your Local Area Building Control to ensure that any proposed reproofing work is fully compliant.

Looking ahead, the proposed NFRC Competent Roofer scheme will, in the future, provide training in line with the latest building regulations.

News From Redland

Getting to the truth when it comes to the roof

Getting to the truth when it comes to the roofIt is perhaps unsurprising that homeowners should come to expect anything less than a ‘job well done’ when undergoing roof maintenance and repair. However, it appears that a few unscrupulous roofers are putting the quality workmanship and good working practices of roofing contractors in general under the spotlight for the wrong reasons again, following a report from Myredlandroof.

Myredlandroof has stated that many elderly people in the UK are being pressurised into agreeing to unnecessary roof repair work.

The company is advising all homeowners to be vigilant against rogue traders after it was discovered that thousands of pensioners are forking out pointless funds on restoration for their roof, which is not required.

According to Myredlandroof, complaints have been made to trading standards in York about a gang carrying out roofing repairs and it is reported that many residents, most of whom are in their 80s, are being forced into agreeing to needless work.

The homeowners are being led to believe their roofs are in poor condition, and in some cases the pensioner has been persuaded to let the tradesperson clean the gutter and has then been informed a problem has occurred.

Further complaints highlight ‘rascal traders’ coaxing the elderly into allowing them to inspect the loft and then being told the insulation is waterlogged due to leaks. Some traders are also not leaving paperwork, which is required by law.

Sarah Orio, Myredlandroof’s marketing manager, said: “This incident shows how vitally important it is to choose a trustworthy tradesman, when having any kind of home improvement work done, and to have it done to a high quality.

“To operate in the roofing industry and offer a reputable service, you need vast experience, qualifications and specialist knowledge. As an established roof manufacturing firm, we strongly advise all homeowners to use a reputable roofing company that is accredited with at least one of the following trade associations: Trustmark, NFRC, CompetentRoofer and the FMB.”

Tradecall Roofing are Members Of  Surrey Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Scheme,NFRC, Competent Roofer, Trustmark and are also listed on the Redland website

Please call for any Roofing you require 01276 501755

Monday, 17 September 2012

Single Ply Roofing Camberley

Single Ply Flat Roofing For Domestic Roofs

TradecallRoofing Camberley has recently moved into single ply roofing systems and are using materials supplied by Protan (UK) Ltd this will be in addition to our existing roofing systems

Single ply has been available within the industry for some years by numerous contractors but we have aimed in our opinion to offer one of the best systems on the market.

Protan only operate using approved installers who have been vetted and trained by them. Protan unlike some single ply materials is not available to the general public or to the trade as a supply only material and can only be supplied and installed by approved fixers. This ensures quality is maintained.

We are one of the few installers in the South and are able to cover the Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and London areas

Protan do not supply materials to non-approved installers and it cannot be purchased from builders or roofing merchants.

All jobs have a site specific fixing specifications prepared before works commence and is inspected on completion by Protan to confirm compliance and to issue their guarantee.

A Protan guarentee (15 Yr min) can be supplied on completion of works.

It also worth remembering that single ply materials have no salvage value unlike lead and can therefore be used in areas were theft may be a problem.
DAVE 07976717533


Felt Roofing Camberley Surrey

An introduction to Felt Roofing

A traditional felt roof is a flat roof surface that is built up using a wooden base and adding 2-3 layers of bitumous felt. These are then bonded together with heated bitumen and are subject to a finishing top coat that provides both and attractive surface whilst helping protect the new roof from the elements. This type of roof forms a dense and impermeable barrier to the elements.

At Tradecall Roofing we have specified and installed hundreds of Felt flat roofs across the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire areas and always take great pride in our work.

There are now other more modern products that are available for your new roof i.e. single ply GRP but for a traditional look felt is widely chosen.

We can also help you repair your existing felt flat roof and advise in the best course of action to rectify existing damaged or poorly designed work.

As stockists of Maxitorch roofing felts we are able to offer the best supply and fix prices in the area.

Features & Benefits of Felt Roofing

  • Traditional appearance
  • Time proven design
  • Readily available
  • Durable materials used as standard
  • Range of finishes to choose
  • Can be suited for foot-traffic

Our Guarantee for Felt Roofing

All of our Felt Roofing comes with our full
Call Dave For Your Free Fixed Price Quotation  

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Latest Feedback On Checkatrade

9Tidiness: 9 out of 10 10Timekeeping: 10 out of 10 10Courtesy: 10 out of 10 10Workmanship: 10 out of 10

Combined score: 9.8 out of 10

Flat roof replacement across front of house and insulation.

This was the only roofing company that I came across that could supply me with the building regulations certificate I require to convert my garage to a room, also their quote was very competitive. I would definately recommend them, the boss (Dave) keeps a close eye on things and knows what he's talking about, from getting other quotes I realised there's a lot of roofers that don't.
Customer in Camberley, 16 August 2012
 We are Members of Competent Roofer scheme

CompetentRoofer is the Government-authorised scheme for England and Wales that allows professional roofing contractors to self-certify that their roofing refurbishment work complies with Building Regulations. The scheme encompasses all roofing types for domestic, industrial and commercial properties and is open to all roofing contractors to apply.

Many jobs undertaken need to be notified to and authorised by Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and in many cases this includes work done to your roof. By using a CompetentRoofer member, property owners will save not only time and money but will have the added reassurance that the work carried out meets the exacting standards of the Building Regulations.
Regulation – CompetentRoofer members are compliant and up to date with Building Regulations






Friday, 14 September 2012

New chimney flashings Camberley

Removed old cement fillet replaced with new soakers and lead flashing all waterproof now

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Velux Windows

Lee just done a course at Velux headquarters, he received a handbag and a lollipop! He's Well impressed Not

Monday, 10 September 2012

We are now Velux Partnership 5* rated

Tradecall Roofing are now 5* accredited installers of Velux Windows

For Free Survey and Quotation

Phone Dave 07976717533


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Gutters Polish Style

How not to do it
Looking for a reputable roofing contractor call Dave 07976717533


When you need work doing around your home, finding reputable tradesmen can be difficult. Can you really trust them? Checkatrade provides a free service that gives you the background information you need to make a confident decision. We are proud in the knowledge that our trade search is powered by Checkatrade so you know what you are getting - Recommendation, reputation, and a standard you can trust

Friday, 7 September 2012

Strip up and relay Frimley Surrey

Strip up replace insulation re-deck and new felt roof system all good for 20 years+

For ANY Roof Problems Give Us A Call 07976717533

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


TRADECALL ROOFING acquires NFRC Competant Roofer Status
Tradecall Roofing is proud to announce that it has been accreditted to the new CompetentRoofer Scheme led by the NFRC.
CompetentRoofer is the prime Government-approved scheme for England and Wales that legally allows professional roofing contractors to self-certify for Building Regulations for refurbishment roofing work. This encompasses all roofing types for domestic, industrial and commercial properties and the scheme is open to all roofing contractors to apply. However only those with the skills and standing to provide a competant service will be certified.
For more information about the scheme visit www.competentroofer.co.uk



When your roof needs a little TLC, finding the right company for the job can be a daunting task. With more and more companies offering non-traditional techniques to spruce up your roof, it can be difficult to know what solution is right for you.
Always get comparative quotes
Compare any non-standard treatments with traditional methods of repair. Often damage to a roof can be superficial and can be rectified relatively cheaply using traditional methods. In other cases a re-roof may be your only option, and expensive non-traditional treatments might just be delaying the inevitable. A good roofer will be able to asses your roof and give you a break down of your options.
Get a guarantee
Find out what guarantees the company offer before having any work done. A company that has faith in its work should offer you assurances that, if their system fails, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. If possible get a guarantee that's underwritten by an insurance company, then if the company ceases trading you'll still be covered.
Be wary of cold-callers
Any business that knocks on your door uninvited should be viewed with suspicion. They'll often tell you that they've been working in your area and noticed your roof needed some work. While some are legitimate you should think seriously before agreeing to have any work done. Always try and get quotes from other companies first. If you do agree there and then you should have a cooling-off period if you change your mind.
Ask to see examples of their work
If their treatment does all they say it will, the company should be more than happy to show you examples of their work and, where possible, speak to those that have had work done. This will allow you to assess the quality of the workmanship for yourself. If possible check them out with any any association they may be members of.
If a service seems to cheap, it probably is
Be sure to ask probing questions about what materials are being used. Remember the golden rule that if the sales pitch sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Flat Roof Ascot

70m2 flat roof completed in 2 days
Call for all your roofing requirements

Monday, 3 September 2012

Sunninghill new flat roof

Just started nice size flat roof in 3 layer traditional felt roof
Neighbours been done recently in rubber looks awful already.