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Roofers Surrey roof repairs scam


Does your roof really benefit from coating?

Does it last or are they just after a quick pound.

This is how it could look after just a few months

3 Sales Tricks to Avoid

While some salesmen and women are genuine, friendly and not too pushy the reality is there are many within the roofing industry that care about only one thing – getting you to part with your money so they can earn their commission.
Did you know that the average commission for a salesperson within the roofing industry is 15%?
That is course on top of any fixed/basic salary!
So if you were to sign on the dotted line for work totaling £4000, a whopping £600 of that will go direct the salesperson.
With that in mind, it should be no surprise to you that some will go to almost any length to get your signature.

Common Sales Tactics

Here are three of the most common tactics/tricks that used to get you to sign on that dreaded line:

1) Attempts to Rush You

This is a common tactic used by many salespeople. Within the roof coating industry you may encounter some/all of the following offers, all are designed to prevent you from doing research on the company, products or methods. These are tactics to get you to sign up quickly:
  • You will be their first customer on this street, so you are entitled to a huge discount. You must sign up now though, otherwise your neighbour may get this deal instead of you.
  • Offers that are only available for a limited time, such as the next four days.
  • The company is working in your area and has some materials left over, you are offered a huge discount but again you must sign up now.

2) Scare Tactics

This approach may not fool everyone, but if you are elderly or know nothing about roofs then you are a potential target of these scare tactics:
  •  The tiles on your roof are coming to the end of their life and either need replacing or sealing/coating with a liquid.
  • The roof has multiple issues which would cost a fortune to fix, but this company can carry out the work and apply a coating/sealant to prevent future problems.
  • The salesperson points out several other homes they have worked on in your area and claims the work was essential, he/she also claims your roof is in the same condition.

3) Confidence Tricks

  • The salesperson makes unrealistic claims about how your heating bills will be drastically reduced if you have this coating applied to the roof tiles.
  • Makes claims about how the value of your home will increase if you buy this product.
If you hear any of these claims made by a salesperson then the best thing to do is to ask them to leave you alone and leave your property.
Many roof coating companies employ canvassers to target certain areas en-masse. These people are almost always paid on commission and it doesn’t matter to them if your roof actually needs work doing or not, you are their pay cheque and for this reason we advises everyone to ignore all door-to-door canvassers regardless of what they are selling.
A genuine roofing company would visit a customer to inspect the roof and answer any questions before creating a quotation that can be left with the customer so he/she can decide if they want to proceed, do some more research or get other quotes to compare the prices.
Companies to avoid are those that use the sales tactics listed on this page. There is no justification for rushing/pushing a consumer into a decision. This behaviour is all the more disgusting when used against the elderly or those with behavioural difficulties.

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Camberley Roofing Services performs roof repairs, roof replacement, roof coatings, and more to both domestic and commercial property throughout the whole of Surrey Hampshire Berkshire area. That means if you’re looking for Bracknell roof coating, Camberley roof repairs, or Surrey roof replacement, we can get someone out to you to solve your roof problems.
We pride ourselves in supplying the highest standard of products, complimented by out expert installations. We specialise in all roof repairs, all over Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, & South London so for any roofing problems our expert team can fix your roof.
Get in touch with Camberley Roofing Services today to arrange a professional roof survey, in which one of our experienced staff will visit the property to survey the roof, checking for damage also, such as missing, cracked or loose tiles, or weathering on the roof. We will also survey and repair flat roofs and commercial roofs. We will advise on any work required and provide you with a quote. We endeavour to beat any like to like quotes, and all of our roof repairs come with a ten year guarantee.
Roof repairs are vital to protect your home from the elements. Not only will it do that, it will also improve both the appearance and life span of your roof, as well as saving you money in the long term and possibly adding value to your property. We use only the most reliable tried and tested products, so you know you’ll be getting the best quality repairs that we have to offer.
We will undertake a whole variety of roof repairs, from renovation, slating, tiling, felt repair and replacement, to guttering, lead work, pointing, and moss removal.
Camberley Roofing also specialise in new roofs, re-roofs and flat roofs. It is better to repair or replace a damaged roof as early as possible. For example, a weathered roof may let in water from rain, causing leaks in the property and further damage. That’s why at the first sign of damage, you need to get in touch to get it surveyed and repaired or replaced. If you catch the problem early, then it may also cost less as the repairs will be more minor, and you get peace of mind for the next few years that your roof is undamaged and weatherproof once more.
If your roof is damaged, and you would like it replacing or repairing, then get in touch with Tradecall Roofing Services. We will give you a competitive quote for the work that needs carrying out. We do Roof repairs Camberley ,Ascot, Bracknell, Guildford, Farnham and all surrounding areas. Not only do we use only the best quality materials, we make sure to give you a ten year guarantee on all replacements carried out, so you can live with peace of mind that your roof is protected against further damage for years.

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Roof Refurb Lloyds Bank Camberley Surrey

The Mall Camberley Lloyds Bank

Solar reflective paint applied to traditional felt roofing system

Why use a reflective roof coating?
Flat felt roofs absorb up to 70 percent of the solar heat blasting onto the building. By contrast, the best reflective roof coatings reflect up to 80% of solar heat, and can reduce surface temperatures on a roof by 80 degrees.
In turn, this will cut temperatures in the building by up to 10 degrees, increase the effectiveness of the insulation, and cut cooling energy costs by 25% to 70%. It also makes the building more comfortable in hallways or other areas that may not be air conditioned.
The roof will also last longer without as much heat-related cracking and deterioration, saving money and materials in the long run.
Solar paint

Features and Benefits

§ Reduces heat build-up on flat and sloping roofs, limiting thermal movement.
§ Protects roofing from the harmful effects of UV radiation.
§ Contains a ‘leafing’ aluminium pigment to provide a bright reflective finish.

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Lead Back Gutter Farnborough Roof Repair

Why its not always best to use someone recommended by a friend for roof repairs!
Just replaced a lead back gutter supposedly done by a professional roofer the back gutter had been laid with two pieces of lead the overlap joint being sealed with silicone, the rear edge had the eave felt going behind the small lead upstand which when tiled back in only had 25mm headlap in all a totally useless job.
The price had not been any cheaper than qualified roofer would have charged and now their is work to be done redecorating the room below.
At the same time the owner had a chimney on the other side of the roof taken down below roof level
this was left uncapped with a vent being placed in the old fireplace, this resulted in all the warm air from the room going up the old stack and condensing on the roof underlay causing more damp problems.

The owner has now had to pay to have all this work done again correctly.

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