Thursday, 20 November 2014

Desmopol Liquid Waterproofing

Balcony refurb with Desmopol liquid system, new system just introduced to the UK

Monday, 10 November 2014

How not to fix a Velux window

Just had a look at a leak to a Velux window I wonder why!
It gets worse Tiled roof GRP Valley has been used as a box gutter
The local roofer wont go back, the customer had to wait a long time to get this expert service because he was so busy! and they paid him up front new roof been left covered in plastic
Beware you get what you pay for cheap not always best

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Roofing Repairs

Just don't understand how some people call themselves Roofers
Photos below show a repair job done in the Camberley area in the last couple of weeks
How do these people sleep, it would have ben easier to replace the tiles!
Silicone and Polyfilla, YES THEY GOT PAID

Monday, 9 June 2014

Roof Cleaning Windlesham With AlgoClear


AlgoClear roof cleaning system

Why choose AlgoClear® Pro Softwash?

AlgoClear® Pro Softwash is for people who value time. The result is not instant, but it is deep. If the roof needs cleaning for a quick sale, it cannot help. It does not matter if the full result is seen this year, if the benefit is a full life expectation for the material. Roof periodical cleaning is a long cycle.
  • AlgoClear® Pro Softwash is safe for the applicator, the occupier and domestic animals.
  • Has the ability to interupt the reproductive cycle of common contaminants.
  • No durable environmental footprint.
  • No damage to the material, physical alteration of the surface.

The most effective choice for moss removal

A clean roof gives a property a well maintained look. It enhances its value and reflects well on its owner.
For long term roof maintenance: moss on roofs usually grows in the vertical joint between tiles, often at the tail end. The end result is increased water ingress where tiles overlap which damages the fixings and timber battens.
Clean roof

Roof damage to old buildings

AlgoClear Pro Softwash helps protect the roofs of old buildings
Moss, lichen and algae growth on old buildings is perceived as successful conservation but is can be very damaging to the roof and building fabric.
Gentle restoration: AlgoClear® Pro Softwash gently cleans and restores old roofs to their former beauty without causing the physical damage that results from pressure washing.

Restoring and cleaning old roofs

Mossy roofs are likely to be well into their predicted life span: Aggressively cleaning ageing roof surfaces is not advisable. Always start with gentler, milder methods for moss removal and roof cleaning such as AlgoClear® Pro Softwash

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Scammers are in the area claiming to be from us

Scammers are in this area making out they are from Tradecall Roofing somehow giving out my mobile number.

Please note we do not knock on doors for work

We will always provide a written quote sent by email or by post, not on a scrap of paper

All work will be invoiced and you can pay by cheque or credit/debit card /bank transfer

We would never ask for cash

Our vans are sign written with telephone numbers.

If you are approached by anyone in a white Transit van looking for roofing work and saying they are from Tradecall Roofing Camberley, please phone the police.


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Camberley Surrey New Slate Roof

Just Completed Strip and relay with natural slate
All dry ridge and hips new fascia and gutters all round
For all your Roofing requirements Give us a call

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Competent Roofer Scheme

LABC to clamp down on unregistered roof refurbishment work

Last year, working with CompetentRoofer, Local Authority Building Control (LABC) contacted roofing companies in five areas of England and reviewed records with a view to clamping down on unregistered roof refurbishment work.


LABC will again be looking to clamp down on unregistered roof refurbishment work within five areas of England and Wales between 1 April and 31 May 2014.


It’s easy for us to spot the companies that are not registering works and thus easy for Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to spot them as well. If they find roofing work that hasn't been reported, they will have the option to systematically go back through that company's records, if necessary over an extended back-dated period.


We really don’t want members to be caught out by this.  If you are undertaking work whereby 50% or more of the roof is being refurbished and that roof is a thermal element (a separation of hot and cold space), it’s reportable.



Public and Employer Liability documents

As a requirement of our licence, we need to have copies of your current public and liability documents.


For this reason, we will be contacting those of you for whom our files need updating.


Each year, when you renew your public and liability insurance, please send us a copy of the confirmation letter from your insurer.
We a Members of the scheme and can fully comply with all regulations
Call now on 07976717533 for all you roofing requirements

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Treehouse Clad with cedar shingles Windlesham

Tree House in Windlesham clad with cedar shingles complex roofing from Tradecall Camberley
Well done Lee and Ryan who have worked in all the recent bad weather to get this project completed

We have a lot of experience in taking customer ideas and translating them into designs and then building the real thing. Our customers are invariably delighted.
Please give us a call to discuss what you have in mind.

Phone anytime  Dave 07976717533 for any roofing projects large or small

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Why you should check your roof frequently

Had a call from a local business, We have a leak !
This is what I found 3 small outlets completely blocked, for the sake of five mins of maintenance the place was flooded