Friday, 24 November 2017

Loft Conversions

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A successful conversion or alteration can transform any home and there are an array of options for maximising your available space. You don’t just benefit from gaining extra space and light with an extension or loft conversion. It's also one of the most cost effective ways to increase its value. 

Ultraflex Waterproofing 
Repair to failed lead box gutter
Because of the weather a quick fix was required 
The Solution Ultraflex polyurethane system

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Velux Window Installation

Small Saturday job installing 3 close coupled Velux windows and 9m2 Tudor clay tiles
These tiles are a nightmare to fit 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

High Performance Felt Roof Camberley

Nice felt roof just completed for local builders Completions Ltd

3 Layer High performance system warm roof

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Roof Safety Handrail Systems from Tradecall Roofing Camberley

The safety of workers operating at height is vital for all businesses. With an increasing number of reasons to be working on roofs from maintenance and cleaning the need for roof protection has never been greater.
With Freestanding Roof Edge Protection installed companies and individuals can be assured of worker safety, creating a barrier at the roof edge and minimising the risk of falls

Recent Project Ryman's Camberley Mall


Flat roofing in and around Camberley

Felt Roofing You Can Trust fitting felt roofs since 1973 in and around the Camberley area
We use a combination of traditional methods with modern materials and techniques to give you flat and felt roofing solutions that we guarantee to last. Whether you need a felted garage roof or flat roofing for your extension, our expert roofers can tailor our services to suit you.
All new felt roofs carry a minimum 10 year insurance backed guarantee. 



Roofing Services Camberley

Tradecall Roofing
Tradecall Roofing are a family run business based in Camberley, Surrey and are one of the longest serving roofing contractors within the region. We have built up a reputation for high quality workmanship over the last 30 years.
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Tradecall Roofing offers prompt and professional workmanship, from quality repairs to affordable renovations. Repairs from £70.00.

The price we quote is the price you pay we will never ask for "Extras" unless absolutely necessary if we do find something that needs doing other than the work quoted you will be given full written details before anything is carried out.
We will always try to beat any like for like quote. 
Family Run Business
We will provide you with a free written estimate completely detailing your project. We do not employ sub-contractors. Your entire project will be done by the company owners and our personally trained staff.
Superior Workmanship
With over 35 years of roofing experience, Tradecall prides itself on providing our customers with superior workmanship, courtesy, reliability, and prompt service. We value our customers!

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Flat Roof Problems Camberley, Bagshot, Ascot

When you mention Felt or Flat Roofs almost everyone's first thought is of leaks,

We are discovering that a lot of old flat / felt roofs suffer from water seeping through the old fashioned built up felted roof, which becomes and on-going problem due to the felt flat roof felt becoming brittle and degraded over time which invariantly leads to flat roof leaks.

 Modern Flat roofing materials are now so advanced and efficient that we can guarantee your flat or felt roof will be waterproof and leak free for life. We find that homeowners believe that they should continually keep repairing their flat roof felt with similar low quality mineral felt, that require felting on a regular basis.

We can provide solutions that will ensure your property is maintenance free and hassle free for many years.

Tradecall Roofing Camberley provides domestic and commercial flat roof repairs and flat roof installation services.

 Our new torch on High Performance felts allow you to have peace of mind for a minimum of 10 years guarantee leaving you with no ongoing maintenance concerns or worries.

Once we have replaced your roof it will be 100% watertight, and guaranteed.

Deciding to opt for our flat felt roofing installation on your existing roof will ensure you save yourself from the high financial costs and the high inconvenience factor that can be involved in neglecting flat roof repairs.
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Roofing Repairs Camberley Bagshot Farnborough

Spotting roofing problems early can save you a fortune. Here are some of the tell-tale warning signs to look out for and how much you should expect to pay for repairs.

Roof types

Most houses have pitched roofs covered in tiles or slate.
  • Tiles are commonly made out of cement or clay. Cement tiles should last minimum50 years and are about 70p each. Clay tiles last longer but are about £1.20 each. 
  • Slate is hard-wearing but rarely used because it's expensive. More slates than tiles are needed due to how they overlap. Reclaimed slates are cheaper.

Many outbuildings and garages, and some extensions, have flat roofs. Felt is the most common covering but newer materials such as fibreglass Polyurethane and PVC are now used.

What you should look for

Spotting these early warning signs can prevent more expensive problems.
Tiled roofs
  • Damp or leaks may signal a cracked or slipped tile.
  • If a tile has blown off, it should be replaced quickly to prevent water from penetrating the felt underneath. Also, more tiles can be dislodged in high winds if there is one missing.
Flat roofs
  • Cracks or splits round the edges.
  • Sagging – as water builds up boards can break under the weight.
  • Damp patches on the ceiling – the roof may have a tear.

Stand back and check your flat roof from the ground periodically. If you spot uneven lumps, repairs may be needed.

Roof repairs

An experienced DIYer may be able to fix small problems on one-storey buildings.
Cleaning out gutters at lower levels will allow water to flow away, but most jobs are best left to professionals.
If you do go up a ladder, have someone with you and make sure the ladder is secure.

Annual roof surveys

It's a good idea to have your roof and gutters inspected each year to avoid costly repairs


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Rymans Store Camberley Mall

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Todays Felt Roofs Last

This type of flat roof still has a bad reputation with some people, but I’m going to tell you why that perception is out of date. Most people have in mind the old ‘pour and roll’ felts of yesteryear, and these were thin bitumen felts glued together with a hot liquid bitumen between each layer. They had minimum internal reinforcing, with some containing natural hessian fibres which were prone to rotting. This type of felt, sometimes known as rag fibre ,would effectively dry out and crack with age or UV damage from the sun. 10 years was pretty much the life expectancy.

Modern torch on felt roof

Torch on felt roofing, in case you hadn’t guessed describes the method of application. Do not confuse these modern roofing felts with the older pour and roll system. Great strides continue to be made in bitumen and modified bitumen technology such as SBS or APP, resulting in much better resistance to UV damage and cracking.  This type of felt roof comes on rolls and is laid with the aid of a very large blow torch that heats and melts the rear of the felt, melting it onto the roof structure below. Typically it’s applied as a 3 layer system usually consisting of a perforated underlay, a 2mmor 4mm underlay layer, then thick 4-5mm felt. These layers are all laid in a half lap manner, so all the joints are the furthest away they can be from another joint.
The thickest top layer is often a coloured mineral finish known as a cap sheet, and they are available in a variety of colours, as well as a plain felt finished with a silver solar reflective UV finish. All of these felt layers are also reinforced with strong polyester weave sandwiched in the middle of the felt, giving them incredible strength. In lifespan terms, I don’t know a single roofer that will not be happy to guarantee 10 years, because they know it will last 20, sometimes 30+.  Not as bad as you thought is it?

Dry Fix Verge Bagshot Surrey

Over the years, manufacturers have developed systems that do away with the need for mortar. These systems, commonly known as 'dry-fix' roofing systems, offer a number of advantages over cement mortar:

1. Remove the need for regular maintenance of the roof. Over time, mortar can succumb to frost damage and building movement. When this occurs, repairs can be quite costly as scaffold access is often required. By eliminating mortar from the roof you can virtually eliminate any such maintenance.
2. Allows the natural movement within a roof structure to take place without damaging the ridge and hip fixings.
3. Provide the means to 'mechanically' fix ridges and hip tiles, greatly reducing the risk of storm damage.
4. Provide discreet roof space ventilation at the ridge and hip which helps control harmful condensation in the roof space.
5. Allows the roofer to complete the work safe in the knowledge that rain will not cause mortar to stain the roof or frost to damage the mortar before it has had chance to properly set.

Dry Fix Verge
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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

EPDM Failure

Another failed EPDM installation
Distributors of epdm need to train installers better, this roof was laid by a so called roofer who had had 1 days training received his certificate and was then let loose on a roof with work like this, the week before he was a milkman no experience as a roofer ever.
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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Roofer Camberley

 Winter, not surprisingly, tough on roofs.Regular winter roofing and roofline checks are essential if you want to spot new problems early before they get a chance to become a real problem. Winter brings with it two significant factors, wind and ice, which can create roof damage which can remain hard to detect until it is too late. If you make yourself aware of the problems which can be caused, carry out regular roof inspections and know what to look for then you can save yourself a lot of heartache and money in the future.

Storm damage to roofs and guttering

Every winter you should harry out a quick, external visual check of the building to look for damage. The most obvious one would be loose or missing tiles which will need to be replaces quickly to prevent the ingress of moisture. Guttering, soffits and fascia also need to be inspected as they too can sustain damage from high winds or being struck by debris dislodged as the winds increase. Broken gutters fail to channel water into drains properly and can allow excessive moisture to linger around the foundations of your home. This leads to the potential for damp to infiltrate your walls and foundations to become eroded. If you notice one dark patch of wall riding up from the ground and notice that area seems to be damp then check your gutters for damage – you may find that rain water which is no longer being channeled correctly into the drains is the cause.

Condensation and ice

Where warm and cold air meet you will almost certainly encounter condensation, which is an indirect means for moisture to build up within your roof space. A well designed and constructed roof will allow correct ventilation of the attic space and this ventilation draws moisture away. Provided your roof is correctly insulated then it also helps to regulate temperature however interference to ventilation can allow damp to build up. The flow of air across the roof space can be badly affected by the build up of ice if we have an extended cold snap which there have been several of in the last few years. It is compounded in roofs where ventilation is poor causing excessive moisture which in turn freezes and further hampers ventilation creating a vicious circle. If you inspect the interior of your roof then look out for a build up of damp which may be a result of bad ventilation and if necessary call in an expert to assess the situation.
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